Life Lessons for the Philadelphia Women's Network Connection

Life Lessons in Business 101

September 18, 2020

Your Network is your Net-worth!

Building Your Network is Serious Business

When you are out Networking….

Get out of your own head, everyone is there for the same reason and that is to make vital business connections. Get out of your comfort zone, you would be surprised how many people would really open up to you if you just approached them and introduced yourself.

Don’t be so quick to ask someone what their business is or what they do, use an ice breaker such as is this your first event or do you live in the area. Talk about the venue or ask the question how do you know the host. Remember they are nervous too.

No one wants to feel like they are being sold to especially if they don’t KNOW and TRUST you! Right? Survey the room, get an idea of who is there and who you would like to meet. Some of these network events can be overwhelming due to attendees, don’t try to network with everyone in the room. Pick a number in your head, make that the number for the connections you want to make during the event.

Quality connections are key so don’t spend too much time on those discussions that can be followed up in a email or quick phone call later. You could be one one person away that could potentially take your business to the next level by being a customer or a wonderful collaboration. So there is some truth in TIME is MONEY.

Take some business cards with you and have a digital business card in your phone as well. The physical cards you can give out to those who you may follow up with, the digital cards you give to the key people that you want to build a business relationship with. Think about it, you are getting their telephone number without actually asking or being aggressive about it. When you send your digital card you have to text it to them so guess what now you have their number and a new contact. How easy was that?

Follow UP is key!!!! Let me repeat this, follow up is key. Your blessing is in the follow up, it shows the person you are trying to build a relationship with that you are a serious business person.
​How long should you wait to follow up? My personal experience has been 3 – 5 days otherwise life gets in the way, people forget who you are, etc…. you don’t want your window of opportunity to slip through your fingers. Remember you are not the only person they met at the event, you have to stay front and center in front of people so they can remember you.

One Last Tip:
Wear your name tag on the right side, why? Most people are right handed so when you extend your hand to greet them, their eyes can go directly to your name tag (easy access)

I will meet you at the top!!

Felicia Shanken

Hello, my name is Felicia Shanken CEO & Founder of the Philadelphia Women’s Network Connection, LLC and PWNC Foundation Inc 501(c)(3). ​My mission is to create a friendly supportive community where business owners enjoy sharpening their entrepreneurial edge while nurturing valuable relationships that enrich career satisfaction.

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