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Rhonda Robinson McAllister

Rhonda Robinson McAllister

Avon Independent Sales Rep. National Recruiter

Rhonda was one of the first Platinum members to sign up for the PWNC membership back on April 10, 2019 when our membership was first introduced. One of the questions I asked Rhonda was why did she decide to join the membership and how does she feel about PWNC? She stated that, “she found her fit with the organization and that she liked the structure of our membership, what we had to offer and how we always look for more ways to bring value to our members”.

Rhonda is also a newly Philadelphia Women’s Network Connection Ambassador. PWNC added the Ambassador program this year and we are honored that Rhonda will be a part of it.

Rhonda Robinson McAllister is an Avon Independent Sales Rep, National Recruiter and Fundraiser Specialist that comes with many years experience in the Network Marketing arena. She leads a team that is experienced in Sales and Marketing.

She inspires, promotes wellness and beauty to mostly women and a few good men. Avon has been committed to the community for 134 years. Avon supports and donates to the American Cancer Society, Feed the Children and Domestic Violence. Rhonda helps schools, clubs and organizational fundraisers for various causes.

When Rhonda is not running her business, she enjoys reading, traveling, volunteering, and spending time with her family.

Favorite Quote: “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win”  ~ Zig Ziglar

Agnes Edwards

Agnes Edwards

Business Services Manager, Mt. Airy CDC

Agnes works as the Corridor Manager and Business Association Manager in Mt. Airy CDC. In this role, she gives support to Businesses in the Mt. Airy area of the City. She offers networking events, training in different areas of business and entrepreneurial training skills.

Her Business is Keto Lifestyle and Wellness. She’s had a passion for Health & Wellness and Aging well for almost 40 years. As she has pursued a lifestyle for herself that helps her to become a better version of herself, she shares that information with others.

Her primary focus is women and helping them on their path to redefining themselves.

I ask Agnes how does she feel being a member of the Philadelphia Women’s Network Connection organization? She stated ” becoming a part of PWNC seemed a natural fit to connect with women on the same journey.” Agnes, thank you for letting PWNC know that we are on track with staying true to our mission.

Agnes is our second Philadelphia Women’s Network Connection Ambassador. Some of the responsibilities of an PWNC Ambassador is helping to plan events during the year, access to ambassador only events, incentives to earn cash bonuses, free vendor table at events, PWNC ambassador t-shirts and much more.

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